Welcome to the Featured Studios Section

We are still thinking out the layout and design of the featured studio section the design we are toying with right now is a small thumbnail photo which when clicked will lead you to a studio's personal page or redirect you to their personal website. As we are just starting out we will be offering our initial designs at absolutely no cost. Pricing will be determined once the site is up and running more smoothly. If you would like to be one of our featured studios please contact us at info@edmontonmassage.ca

Pricing is yet to be determined but we are estimating that a listing in the featured staff section will be only around $30 - $50 a month with a discount available for a one year sign up (We are thinking 2 months free on a one year package). Pricing is far from final and all listing will be free until which time that pricing is finalized.

This option is great for a studio that just wants a basic web presence without all the hassles of maintaining their own website. You can even use the web url in your advertising and your page url will look like this : www.edmontonmassage.ca/yourname or you can use the thumbnail to redirect to your website if you already have one.